Blue Blanket – Indiana Jeans jeans (IJJ)

Blue Blanket Jeans IJJ Label

There’s a lot of really good denim in the world at the moment!
I’ve been aware of and respected the Italian Blue Blanket brand for a while now. About 9 months ago I first noticed their IJJ (Indiana Jeans jeans) mainly due to the grey-ish dark indigo pinstripe denim and the vintage pocket styling. However, the IJJ’s really caught my interest when I discovered they were a collaboration with denim detective Brit Eaton of Indiana Jeans and each pair are signed by the man himself.
That was it. I had to get a pair!

Blue Blanket Jeans IJJ Label Stitched

Blue Blanket Jeans IJJ Brit Eaton

I started to rummage around t’internet trying to find a distributor in the UK to no avail and everywhere seemed to lead to a dead end. So I went back to good old instagram for inspiration.
My friend Andy (instagram @atcmg8803) had been wearing a pair for a while so I picked his brain as to where I could source a pair and he came back with a winner. Andy’s contact is Samantha at AB-Fits in San Francisco. After a bit of pleasant back and forth with Samantha, who did everything to help, and tons of really important advice from Andy on the sizing and fit I went for it and placed my order.

They arrived really fast considering the distance they had travelled. On ripping open the box in my eagerness to try them on, the first thing I noticed was the weight. Online they looked like they were made from quite a soft, lightweight denim but they are actually reassuringly rigid.

Blue Blanket Jeans IJJ Back Pocket

The colour is fantastic in real life. A deep indigo grey with a fine pinstripe (much more subtle than a wabash) making them really versatile. You can pretty much throw anything at them and they look superb.

Blue Blanket Jeans IJJ Fit

They are beautifully crafted jeans. The pockets both front and back, are big and even the lining is a selvedge fabric almost as heavy gauge as the jeans themselves!
The brace buttons look great in the metal finish; and the fish eye buttons and buckle cinch back give a great vintage contrast and are excellent quality. The cinch is really functional, not just a token addition for aesthetic purposes. The western styled stitching around the front pockets is one of my favourite bits and just screams quality.

Blue Blanket Jeans IJJ Front Pocket

The stitching is perfect everywhere. It looks like they took years to build and feel like they were made for me. I’ve had these pants a week now and I just keep going back to explore the craftsmanship that has gone into these when I’m not wearing them.

Blue Blanket Jeans IJJ Stitching Detail

Without Andy’s sage advice I could have made a mistake on sizing. He went into great detail about all aspects of the fit and this helped a lot. I’m a 36/38 waist, so I bought 36 because I like the looser, regular cut coming in at handsome 9.75” bottoms but could actually have gone to 34 waist for a closer fit. This is where the top-notch cinch comes in really useful. The rise is high and when the cinch is tightened it cleverly alters the whole feel of the cut at the top of the pants for whatever you’re doing and it’s easy to alter on the fly too. Exactly as my man Andy told me, they feel loose but comfortable.

Blue Blanket Jeans IJJ Cinch Buckle Back

After getting the cuffs level, I whack on my Filson braces, buckle up the Schnauzer, step into my White’s boots and take them for a long walk and a few pints to start them moving, it goes so well I do the same thing the very next day too.

Happy days…

Check out the Blue Blanket website for a further glimpse into their vision and outstanding quality garments.

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