Shire Supply Company


Anyone who knows me will know I have a strong connection with the City of Lincoln in Lincolnshire, having spent 3 fantastic years there back in 2000.
I first met David Whitehouse at a mutual friends wedding and instantly warmed to his sense of humour and style.
Recently I learned he had started designing, building and selling his own leather goods so I decided to get in touch and find out what he’s doing.
His website boasts some really well made and attractive pieces, all named after streets and areas from Lincoln itself. I’d been after a new leather keychain for a fair while so when I found he did one with a much more robust clasp than my previous model, I was interested. There was also a choice of smashing leather tan finishes, enough to confuse me and make me want all of them.


Anyway, I went for the ‘timber brown’ with nickel fixings. His strap is a 3/4″ hand cut and dyed natural veg tan leather with bees wax burnished edges. It’s a nice looking piece of kit, the leather looks like it will age beautifully and it’s reliable and sturdy. It’s just the right length, so if keys need tucking into the pocket they will be in deep enough to stay out of the way. The solid trigger clasp is as tough as it gets and won’t release anything without a fight, just what you want with the keys to your ’57 Chevy Bel Air!

Shire_Supply_4 Shire_Supply_3

I’m already talking with him about building a wallet as mine isn’t doing too well nowadays, and I have to say, the excitement of having a bespoke wallet made to this standard by someone from my second hometown sounds quite apealing!

Take a look at Davids website to see his talents at work or visit the HS contacts page for full contact details.

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