White’s Semi-Smoke Jumper Boots


Remember the first pair of shoes to kick start your love of footwear?
Mine were a pair of black Dunlop Dodgems back in 1977. I loved those shoes. They made me feel as though I’d stepped out of an episode of Logans Run. I wore them everywhere, not even taking them off at night!

Although, many years have passed and my taste in shoes and boots has changed, the feeling I get when a fresh pair is lifted out of the box and put onto my feet stays the same. I’m sure you’ll agree the buzz is indescribable as you examine them, lace them up and manipulate the uppers, their life flashing before your eyes.

So my boot wardrobe was twitching for an addition as I’d mauled a few pairs of American made work boots over the years. I’d been envious of what our Japanese and Korean friends were rocking, with Cats Paw soles, kilties, and lace-to-toe styling from brands like Wesco, Chippewa and Lone Wolf. Sadly these brands were cringingly expensive and there was slim chance of shipping to the UK.

After a bit of rummaging around I came across a website, East West Apparel, selling a select range of White’s Boots in the UK. I was absolutely stoked! How did I not know about this before?  What’s more, I find there’s a sale on, this is a good thing, ‘cos these baby’s ain’t cheap.

Being new to the brand I was unsure about fit so I gave East West Apparel a call and end up speaking with Jamie who runs the webstore. He advises me on sizing for the pair  I’ve chosen and we’re off. The boots come and they are a good fit – however I like them roomy so send them back and ask for the half size up. AAAARRRGH!!! There are none left in that style! Back to the drawing board…
Then I spot the Semi-Smoke Jumper in Chromexcel. We talk again about sizing and these arrive quickly. Fantastic, the fit is exactly as I want!


These boots really are something else. Their construction is amazing – like Dr Jeckyll from Northampton turned into West Virginian Mr Hyde and built these boots.
They feel solid, comfortable, roomy and just damn amazing! One reason they feel so good is the patented arch support that puts your foot at a more natural angle. They arrived with 2 sets of laces and matching Horween Chromexcel kilties, so my biggest dilemma is whether or not to use them – another styling decision!

Like my first ever Dunlop Dodgems I wanted to wear these to bed that night. Did I wear them? Don’t be ridiculous; my long-suffering wife wouldn’t let me.

So, I slept on the sofa…

whites_frontback whites_soles whites_toe  whites_heel

4 thoughts on “White’s Semi-Smoke Jumper Boots

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  2. Hi Rob
    Great bumping into you & Nick at Preston Bar the other evening. Loving the boots , are they leather lined ? Is there a supplier & manufacturer recommended in the UK to replace sole & heel parts if & when they need re- lasting?


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