Mr Matt Field – Matterialist


Today I’d like to thank Matt Field for taking the time to be the latest Character at Heritage Standard.
I first noticed Matt’s well groomed facial adornments. After the amazement had passed, his style quickly followed. He has a very neat, tailored appearance with a subtle ruggedness but also the vision to throw something really out there into his mix with real ease.


Where do you source most of your clothes?

Other than trawling around charity shops and vintage emporiums for one off bits and pieces (London is best for this), I’d say most of my pick ups are web based. I generally allow myself a couple of full price purchases every season before descending into multiple purchase sale time towards the end of each season. My go to web stores are The Bureau, Superdenim, End Clothing, Mr Porter, Oi Polloi, The Garbstore and Tres Bien in Sweden. Between them they cover pretty much all the bases as far as brands I follow are concerned. Ebay is also a regular haunt both for buying and selling and proves useful in shedding lesser worn items and scooping bargains (not to mention some unique pieces). I’m lucky to have a Margaret Howell outlet store nearby which is handy and TKMaxx is always worth a look as you never know what you’ll find in there. I’ve had some insane finds over the years, oh, and the Tricker’s factory shop in Northampton is worth a look if you’re in the area.

Your first experiences with style

I remember wearing a skinny red leather tie when I was probably about 10 and thinking I looked awesome. I must have looked like a mini Gary Numan. I also remember wearing a Liberty print polo tee to a school disco and being seriously embarrassed when a girl asked me if my t-shirt had flowers on it. I definitely wasn’t one of the cool kids and my formative years were spent wearing tracksuits and adidas sambas. I definitely remember loving my kicks and stating that I would never ever date a girl with rubbish trainers!

How has / does music influence your style choice and vice versa?

I think the days of music influencing what I wear are long gone. When I was growing up, particularly at college it was important to pledge your allegiance to a particular scene or style to fit in and music played a huge part in that of course. I was definitely an indie/rock kid and remember having a brown cord Levis Sherpa Jacket, Clarks Wallabees, quite a few Paul Smith items and a vintage tan leather jacket I wore everywhere. Oh, and lots of the obligatory band tees. I definitely went through a (daisy age) hip-hop influenced stage of baggyness later too. Baggy Jeans, Stussy tees and lots of Maharishi items (particularly their embroidered sno-pants which I had 6 pairs of including some ridiculous bright red numbers).

Describe your style

Hopefully this wont come across as pretentious but I’d say, ruggedly elegant and a touch eccentric, actually that does sound pretentious but it covers me quite well I think.
The foundation of a good wardrobe starts with quality basics and key staples that stand the test of time both in stylistic terms and also longevity of use. So for instance, a good quality Oxford shirt will never let you down and similarly, a pair of bench made shoes will be with you for a lifetime if they’re looked after correctly.
I’d say what I wear is a mixed bag of quality basics, wearable tailoring, hardwearing items with a workwear/utilitarian slant and standout (sometimes quite Marmite) pieces! The key is to feel confident and comfortable every day in what you’re wearing. As selfish as it sounds, I wear clothes for me, never to fit in to a specific group or segment of society or impress anyone else. I wouldn’t say that what I wear is inherently fashionable. Having style and being fashionable are quite different beasts in my eyes.
I also try not to take myself too seriously. Alexander McQueen famously said “Fashion should be a form of escapism and not a form of imprisonment” and I can definitely identify with that.

What are your 3 favourite things to wear and 3 favourite things you’ve found?

To wear:
Engineered Garments Hawaiian Brookline. This is a fairly recent addition but its so much fun to wear. Its reversible, so you have the plain navy side or the ostentatious floral on the flip depending on mood. The navy side is 14oz Wool so its surprisingly warm too.

matt_EG1 matt_EG2
Tricker’s two tone Stowe boots. I have Churchs, Barkers, Sanders, Grensons and Loakes but my favourite of all the Northampton shoemakers is Tricker’s. Shoes to last a lifetime.


Paul Smith Wool Suit. Made in Italy with really luxurious thick wool, its been worn to so many special occasions over the years. Most notably I took on the Reverend role at my friends wedding and wore it!


French Work/Chore Jacket from French ebay. This is utterly battered and sunbleached, stitched up in various places and has odd buttons, but I absolutely love it! If clothes could talk I think this jacket would have a few tales to tell.


Vintage lovebirds brooch I picked up from a antique center in Hebden Bridge. I use this as a lapel pin, though I’m not certain that’s what it was intended for originally. Just a nice way of accessorising a preppy aesthetic.


Maison Martin Margiela holdall. I picked this up from TK Maxx for £120, an absolute steal, RRP was over £600 Perfect size for an overnight bag and I’ve used it loads.


What item of clothing means the most to you?

My APC New Standards which are around six years old now. They were one of my first pairs of raw denim (along with a pair of Edwins) and I vividly remember getting denim bleed on everything I owned over the first few weeks. They’re sufficiently battered now and definitely need a trip to the denim doctor in the not too distant future.


Other than that, my girlfriend knitted me a tie last Christmas and learnt to knit in the process which was pretty special. Apparently it was quite stressful process so its definitely an emotional item for her too as her tears are sewn into it!


What role do you think denim and in particular jeans play in todays world?

Denim is such a universal thing. Everyone has at least one pair and to most they’re just comfortable, casual standbys worn day in day out with little thought. They’re also worn by everyone regardless of class, an accessible garment for the everyman (woman and child too!)
Obviously to denim enthusiasts there is a strong emotional connection to the amount of wear and tear a jean goes through. Putting your soul in the jeans is how I often refer to it. Explaining to anyone unaware of the process, particularly not washing denim for months, (sometimes years) can be quite entertaining!
Speaking of which I need to invest in a new pair of raws. Reccomendations here please!

You have a great set of facial trim, describe your grooming care regime and products:

Coming from you that’s an honour! I use Liz Earles men’s products… shampoo and condition the beard every other day and use the hot cloth cleanser followed by moisturiser to keep my skin (and extensive forehead) fresh. I trim the tache/beard regularly to keep it in check and have a Kent comb I carry with me most places. I’m yet to experiment with beard oil but I have some Mr Nattys wax I use to shape my tache if im feeling that way inclined.

Tough one, but 3 albums that everyone should own and why:

Very tough. I’d need a top 50 to do this right so I’ll pick the first three that spring to mind

  1. Stevie Wonder : Talking Book – Just because everyone should own a Stevie album and this is my favourite.
  2. The Pharcyde : Bizarre Ride II – This album introduced me to hip hop, and indirectly one of the greatest producers of all time J-Dilla (RIP) It was also the first record I heard where I became aware that the music being sampled on the tracks was very special. Cue a lifetime of cratediggery.
  3. Detroit Experiment : S/T – Carl Craig marrying together elements of jazz/house/techno/soul into a cracking collection of tracks.

How do you like your eggs?

Scrambled, the right way! In a frying pan with lots of butter, crème-fraiche, rock salt and pepper. Preferably on toasted Sourdough and topped off with some freshly torn basil. And some Bettys Tomato Chutney. Lovely stuff.

To see more of Matt’s great style versatility check out his Instagram page


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