Mr Jamie Soule – Pure Retro


Today I’d like to welcome Jamie Soule aka. Instagram @pure_retro to Heritage Standard.
Jamie’s been a Vintage buyer for over 20 years. His Instagram page first grabbed my attention because of the quality of his pieces and the realistic sizing, in other words clothes made for larger, modern men.

Rendezvous: Home Sweet Home Café, Manchester.

Target:  The purchase of his 1970’s suede sherling coat as spotted on instagram.

Result:  1970’s suede sherling coat, fur lined plaid vest, new Manchester breakfast brother.

First impression:  Big smile, firm handshake, nice jacket!

Soliloquies: Jazz flute, laughs, Johnny Marr’s guitar, Joe Kid on a Stingray and sausages.



Where do you source most of your clothes?

Charity shops (or Thrift Shops when I’m in the US!), Vintage Fairs, eBay… you name it, wherever Vintage bits and bobs can be found!

Story of the jacket you were wearing when we met.

I was in Rochester, NY in August last year and it was a baking hot day. We were driving to get a burger or something when we spotted a Church Sale. Whilst snooping through the stack of clothing that they had I came across a heavy woollen Buffalo Plaid hunting coat by Red Head Brand. For $2 I didn’t bother bartering. When I tried it on it fit perfectly but there was lumps and bumps in the pockets… that’s when I discovered a New York Hunting tag from 1963 and a live bullet. I had to get rid of the bullet!

Your first experiences with style?

As a teenage Mancunian in 1989/90 you couldn’t help be involved in the “Baggy Revolution” so I was wearing flares from quite a young age but my first experience of style, I guess, was when I got my first Fred Perry Shirt. It was given to me by a kid up the road who had grown out of it.  I’m still a fan of a hand-me-down today!

How has / does music influence(d) your style choice and vice versa?

As I mention above, my first experiences in style came directly from Music… Manchester Music! It influences me less so now but I still stay true to my Mancunian roots!

Describe your style, what key items do you like to source?

Steve McQueen and James Bond on the way round to Ian Brown’s house to watch Dirty Harry… that just about sums it up! Key items tend to be Made in USA / England / Japan and, as I’m Mancunian, it tends to be Jackets. I’ve got over 70 jackets kicking about the house!

What your 3 favourite things to wear and 3 favourite things you’ve found?

Favourite things to wear… tough one. I love LVC, RRL and PRL so wear these brands quite often. But my favourite three, Hmm? I guess LVC 501z 1954’s are one of my favourite items… I pretty much wear them every day. Next would be a Fred Perry Retro Tennis Bomber because they fit brilliantly and I have about ten of these. Finally, I recently got a T-Shirt from Union 6 which I like the fit of… very 1950’s. The finds are: 1950’s Tricker’s, 1939 ARP Bag, 1960’s Lee Loco 91b Denim Jacket but I’ve also found a few Letterman Jackets form the 50’s and 60’s that are pretty cool too. Oh, and Shep’s Jacket… his jacket is cool too.

What item of clothing means the most to you?

Gosh! That’s another toughie… I love the LVC 1954 501z’s that I own but that is five pairs of jeans. To get it down to just one item… Hmm? I guess it would be an old late 80’s Polo Ralph Lauren Flannel Shirt. I got it second hand in about 1992 and that shirt has been on some interesting nights out with me!

What role do you think denim and in particular jeans play in todays world?

Denim is ageless and Classless… and cool as. It reminds us of the past whilst being bang up to date depending on what kind of denim you wear. If you are a fan of raw denim then that takes you on a unique journey. Whatever, it’s all about denim and always will be.

Why do you think Vintage clothing is so popular and why is it important to you?

It’s a link to the past, a heyday, a point in time where things were made to last! Also, it sets you apart from the crowd… H&M, Primark, Top Man no thanks.

Finally, how do you like your eggs?

For free next time…

To find out more about Jamie, see his instagram @pure_retro and his photo-blog


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