Here are some people who I’ve met along the way doing good things.

A collection of modern classics including Neckties, Scarves, Bandanas
and Pocket Squares. Handmade in Belfast and finished in Madras Cotton,
Chambray, Irish Linen, Shetland Wool and Donegal Wool.

Stephanie is atea drinking, marathon running, wardrobe rescuing angel
who is on a mission to help women unlock the potential hidden within their
wardrobes. Inspired by personal experience of rapidly downscaling her own
wardrobe, she devised the Wardrobe Angel concept of re-styling,
re-imagining and re-selling, so women can once again fall in love with their
clothes, whatever their budget, personality or lifestyle. She also helps blokes
with their wardrobes but generally finds they have fewer clothes so she does
more styling and shopping with them.
T.   07542 825 740

Handmade leather accessories.
Shire Supply Company products are hand crafted, simple, stylish, built to
last. All Items are hand cut, stitched and finished, in short 100% handmade
in the UK. Shire Supply Company was first envisioned late in 2012, and
started trading in the Autumn of 2013, Shire Supply is currently a one man
operation, located in the Roman city of Lincoln.

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